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Don’t think projects…think integrated sales program

Think Solutions subscribes to the idea that sound marketing strategies and exceptional creative campaigns must be channeled through multiple disciplines (paid advertising, public relations, sales promotion, owned assets, and social media). Instead of simply utilizing individual channels to help tell a brand’s overall story, the marketing or sales plan should leverage each communication channel’s intrinsic strengths and be weaved together so that each supports or builds on the effects of the others to achieve maximum impact.

Is your sales program truly integrated?

  • Does your organization have, in writing, specific sales or marketing goals that are shared with its employees at all levels?
  • Do you feel your company’s communications to the outside world convey a consistent message and strong corporate image?
  • Are resources (including budgets) assigned to individual departments within your organization “pooled” in order to accomplish similar goals and avoid duplication or mixed messages to prospects?
  • Are you using integrated marketing to strategically reinforce the benefits of your product or service, effectively reach your targeted prospects and generate qualified sales leads?

Our Solutions Review is the first step to increasing revenue, reducing costs, and eliminating some of your day-to-day stress!

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, your sales efforts may not be as productive as they could be. Contact us and request a Solutions Review by clicking the “Special Offers” link below. We’ll look at your current situation, analyze your current activities and offer an Integrated Sales Plan outlining ways to make your company more profitable, reduce your cost per sale, and free up a large chunk of your time so you can concentrate on other areas that need your attention.

THINK SOLUTIONS…we know what works and we’re ready to put it to work for you!



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