for a no hassle, fully integrated sales program

Don’t think hit-or-miss marketing…

Think solid strategy, a bigger bang for your buck, and worry-free program management.

Increase sales and revenue while reducing cost per sale

Chances are you’re so busy putting out fires that you find it difficult to examine your current sales and marketing efforts as a whole to determine what is working and what isn’t let alone create a comprehensive plan to map out proven strategies for improving your company’s profitability. If you’re spending more than $20,000 per year combined on integrated marketing communications, printed and promotional products, direct mail, inventory and fulfillment our Solutions Review will show you how we can help you save time, save money, get more done and increase your ROI.

Create consistent, dynamic communications that supports your marketing plan and sales goals

Your prospects and current customers are bombarded daily with advertising messages coming from every direction, so how do you cut through the clutter, create recognition of your company, generate top-of-mind awareness of your products or services, and persuade them to contact you before your competitors when a need arises that you can fulfill? To get positive attention, use the combination of channels most likely to reach your targeted audience, and consistently keep your name in front of them…Think Solutions.

  • Imaging – creating a clear, memorable look and message about who your company is
  • Creative – concepts, designs, copy and photography that entice and engage your targeted audience
  • Multi-Channel marketing – printed materials, ads, social media, websites, direct mail, sales promotion, public relations – all working in tandem to deliver your message
  • Mailing, fulfillment and Inventory control – personalized addressing, on-time delivery, order processing, on-demand printing for inventory replenishment

Help you maximize use of your in-house resources

It is quite common for mid-sized or large companies to become disjointed in their marketing communications activities. Separate budgets, immediate needs, and other factors tend to encourage departments to operate apart from each other and not always in sync with the corporation’s strategic goals.

If this sounds familiar to you, Think Solutions.

During your Solutions Review, we’ll help you identify what each department is doing and where there might be duplicated efforts. As part of the customized Sales Plan Think Solutions can provide, we’ll go into more detail about ways to “pool” resources for greater results and things you can do to assure everyone in your organization is working toward the same goals

Generate qualified real-time leads for your sales staff

It’s no secret that the shortest path to getting new customers is to generate qualified leads, follow up on them quickly and convert them to sales. The right synergistic use of personalized direct mail and personalized URL web pages is a proven way to gather data, identify where a prospect is in the buying process, deliver “hot” leads directly to your sales staff via e-mail or text message, and give them a step up toward setting a customer meeting over the traditional “cold call.” If you’re ready to find the shortest path to converting leads to sales… Think Solutions.

  • Personalized direct mail
  • PURL’s
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

Provide worry-free program coordination & implementation

There are probably times when you feel your time and expertise could be put to better use than subcontracting creative talent or marketing consultants, directing and coordinating print projects, reordering and inventorying promotional materials and tracking program results. For sales program management at whatever level you choose… Think Solutions.

  • Research & planning
  • Coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Creative oversight
  • Print/media/web management
  • Public relations
  • Direct mail
  • Storage/warehousing
  • Fulfillment/kit assembly

Improve ROI, accountability & program flexibility

According to results of a Nielsen survey,” …the average short-term marketing ROI (sales generated within 3 months of media execution) is 9%. When looking at the overall efficiency of marketing strategies in achieving that 9% return, Nielsen discovered that there is room for improvement. Research found that, on average, advertising effectiveness could be increased 30–40%. The only investment necessary to achieve this increase is to take a closer look at how well each media and promotion type worked for each brand.”

  • Do you know how much is spent on a particular campaign launched by your company?
  • Can you attribute a specific sales total or percent sales increase resulting directly from that campaign? For each media channel implemented in the campaign?
  • Is your tracking consistent and ongoing during the campaign run so that you can see quickly which channels are working and which are not so you can make adjustments and re-allocate budget dollars to activities that best maximize sales?

If you want measurable results and better outcomes from your marketing communications and sales promotion… Think Solutions.

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